Writing Content On Your Website

Unless you write on your website merely as a form of therapy, your purpose is to draw attention to your efforts, to have as many readers as possible, and to keep them. To do this you must keep writing content on your website, and it must be both current, and of high quality.

Attract and Keep Your Readers

Your aim is attract new readers, and encourage them to return for more.  And when they do, you want to keep their attention, especially if your readers are to become your clients.

Various studies have shown that acquiring a new client costs 5-25% more than retaining an existing one. So there are good reasons for keeping your readers happy – especially as, according to Bain and Company, 60-80% of even satisfied clients don’t return for a second purchase.

Staying connected to your potential clients is crucial, and as a web content writer, you have several opportunities to make sure it happens.

Stay Current

If you regularly post new material to your website, your readers are more likely to return. Think about your own website viewing patterns. Do you bookmark and return to sites that remain static? You do not.

Top websites are those that keep you in touch with what’s happening, with changing content and regular updates.

Adding new posts also helps your ranking on search engines, mainly because they give preference to more active sites.

To convert your readers into return visitors who might become clients, however, having the numbers just isn’t enough.

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Offer High Quality

The quality of a post is determined by what it offers, and by the way it is presented.

Your readers need to feel the content was worth the time they spent reading it. They want to gain a new fact, an alternative approach, or another perspective ­­– even if it’s vastly different from their own.

They also expect to see evidence that some thought and effort have been put into the writing. Your content must have clear purpose, intelligent language and a logical flow of ideas, at the very least.

Create Maximum Effect

If you want your post to offer current, high quality content, there are several things to consider.

Think about how it’s written:

  • Is it up to date, accurate and relevant?
  • Does it have a clear purpose?
  • Is it informative and/or entertaining?
  • Is it an original piece, rather than a rehash or computer-spun rip-off?
  • Is it coherent, well structured, and written in clear, readable language?
  • Have you pitched it to the audience you want to attract?
  • Does it reflect your personality, rather than a ‘borrowed’ identity?

Then consider how it looks:

  • Does it have an engaging title and eye-catching sub headers?
  • Have you included images to help tell the story?
  • Is the layout visually appealing?

If you answered “No”, or “I’m not sure” to any of these questions, you might need some assistance.

Before You Publish Your Post

Check these all-important points:

  • Optimise your post for search engines
  • Turn Comments ON
  • Add links to another post or page on your site.

If you would like a more detailed checklist, contact us.

Those Comms People can show you how to employ these, and other strategies. Or we can do it for you!

When you write content on your website, make sure it is of the highest quality. It will keep your site current, help with search engine rankings and ultimately attract more readers and potential clients!

Tell us what you think. Your comments and questions are welcome.

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