Working With Us

You have built a better mousetrap

In fact, because of your innovation, passion and perseverance, it’s the best ever made.

It dispatches more rodents – and more humanely. It’s self-cleaning and environmentally friendly, of course. And it comes at a bargain price, with your rock-solid guarantee.

Now you are ready to tell the world about it.


So how’s it working for you? Are those clients beating a path to your door yet?

The benefits of your offer are obvious to you. But are your potential customers aware of how your products, services and skills can meet their needs – and save them time and money?

Possibly not.

To spread the word, you could employ a team of marketing mavens, PR pros, and advertising aces – but you’d need a massive publicity budget.

Or you could get in touch with Those Comms People.

Who are we?

Those Comms People is a small firm specialising in communication and marketing strategies Its senior practitioners, Janette Parr and Michael Fitzgerald, have years of experience in education, media, marketing, communications and government. They have satisfied clients spread throughout Australia and around the world.

Engaging Those Comms People is a logical option for small businesses or individuals who require the communications expertise but do not want to commit to additional staff and employment costs.

How Can We Help?

Those Comms People can produce, shape or edit your Content

  • Newsletters
  • Web copy and blogs
  • Communication plans and strategies
  • Advertising and marketing materials
  • Speeches
  • Radio and film scripts
  • ​Reports
  • Submissions
  • Style guides

Those Comms People will advise you on Campaigns

  • Media releases
  • Social Media management
  • Promotional materials
  • Media coaching
  • Market research and analysis
  • Crisis management 
  • Online PR and reputation
  • Video and image
  • Internal communications
  • Brand management and corporate identity
  • Reputation and issues management

Those Comms People will help you build Connections

  • Relationship building
  • Event organisation
  • Board and CEO liaison
  • Advocacy
  • Strategic  partnerships
  • Government relations
  • Working with designers
  • Staff engagement
  • Change management