Why You Need A Professional Editing Service

If you are writing copy for business, it’s very likely you need a professional editing service.

“But I don’t need an editor, I use spell-check”.

Those Comms People hear that a lot.

How Can We Help You? Let Us Count The Ways

A sophisticated text checker might be able to correct any glaring errors in spelling, punctuation, and grammar. Sometimes. Perhaps.

And for some people, that’s all that matters.

Unfortunately (for those people) written communications involve much more than that.

And that’s why the work of an editor is so complex.


Remember The Daily Planet’s Chief Editor, Perry White? He’s no longer available, but Those Comms People are.

We do every kind of editing and proofreading. People are often confused about the difference between the two.


Proofreading is the final step towards the goal of making a text ‘publication ready’. In simple terms, you could think of a proofreader as a sophisticated human spellchecker. Some proofreaders operate at a very basic level and simply look for typos.

Unfortunately, once again, even the best proofreader cannot turn a poorly constructed text into a polished and effective piece of communication. And proofreaders aren’t paid to do that anyway.


An editor, on the other hand, is your partner in the creation of a text. Skilled editing enhances what you have to say, in countless ways.

Ask the authors whose work we have edited.

Here are just a few of those ways.

What Exactly Does An Editor Do?

  1. A good editor will guarantee that your content has a smooth and logical flow of ideas and opinions. Editing will give the appropriate expression to your message, and make sure the structure creates exactly the impression you want.
  2. A really good editor also makes absolutely sure that every piece is perfectly styled – and that its language and tone are suited to the form of the text, and to your specific purpose and audience.
  3. Above all, when your work is edited professionally, your readers should still ‘hear’ your authentic voice in every sentence. Your editor is skilled at making sure your voice is heard to best advantage.

And that’s just the beginning….

Those Comms People do this type of work for clients all the time.

We can offer training and advice on how to edit your work for best effect. Or we can do it for you.

Don’t be satisfied with a basic spell-check; your message is all about you.

Contact us to find out how we can help.

Tell us what you think. Your comments and questions are welcome, below.

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