How To Find The Best Keywords For SEO

You already know that Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) improves the ranking of your site and your posts.  But do you know how to find the best keywords for SEO?

SEO goes hand-in-hand with Writing Effective Content, as one important aspect of writing effective content on your website is making the best use of keywords.

If no-one locates or reads your efforts, your content might be brilliant, but it won’t be effective.

Why Do You Need Keywords?

When search engines look for answers to users’ queries, or seek to match words or topics that users have entered, they do it by locating keywords.

Your choice of keywords is vital. Use the wrong keywords, and there’s little chance your site or post will rank highly enough for readers to see it.

Readers are impatient. They will rarely go further than Page 1 of the relevant listings. That’s where you need to be. Ideally, you should be as close as possible to the top of the page, right underneath those advertisers who are paying for the top spots.

Be Keyword Rich: Where To Use Your Keyword(s)

You want people to read your content, so you have probably chosen subjects that interest your target audience, and you have populated your website with valuable information and engaging pieces that your readers will love.

That’s a good start. To maximise the chances of visitors actually finding your posts, your content should be ‘keyword rich’. This doesn’t mean you should use the keyword in every third or fourth sentence, but it should appear several times in your post.

Use your keywords:

  • in the title
  • in the first paragraph, not necessarily in the opening sentence
  • somewhere in the body of the post
  • somewhere else too, if the post is very long

If your post is about breeding pigeons, for example, you might be thinking it will be difficult to limit the word ‘pigeon’ to just a few mentions. It doesn’t matter; ‘pigeon’ won’t be your keyword.

Here’s why. Try searching ‘pigeon’ on Google. You’ll get 29 million search results. Good luck with that one!

How To Choose Keywords

Using a single keyword in a post isn’t much help.  When people search, they usually ask a question or type in a few words. The idea is to match your keywords to their query or search phrase. For best results, you should use a string of keywords rather than just one.

Forget ‘pigeon’. Your post is about breeding pigeons, so you’ll need to narrow it down.

Try two words: ‘pigeon breeding’ reduces the search results to 719,000. Better, but nowhere near good enough.

With three words – ‘successful pigeon breeding’ – you score just over 400,000.

Better again, but still with no chance of ranking highly enough to make a difference to your web traffic.

You can play the guessing game, and add a few more words, or you can research your keyword.

A simple Google search might help you make a choice, but that isn’t the best way to find the best keyword string for SEO.

Use A Keyword Search Tool

There are free tools available, or you could invest in one with a few more bells and whistles.

We recommend Jaaxy. You can take it for a test drive before committing to the monthly fee.

Select a topic or theme from your website, plug it into Jaaxy’s keyword tool, and see what happens.

Researching Keywords With A Keyword Tool

The keyword – or more specifically, keyword string ­– in your post should meet three conditions:

  • You should target keywords that are heavily searched.
  • The competition should not be overwhelming.
  • Your keyword string must make sense in a sentence.

Need help? Those Comms People can show you how to improve your keyword search. Or we can do it for you!

Tell us what you think. Your comments and questions are welcome, below.

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