3 Ways To Build Business

If you are in business, you are interested in more customers, more sales and more profits. To stand out from the crowd, you should probably consider additional ways you can build business.

Here’s an idea that businesses often overlook.

value-adding partnership

Build A Value-adding Partnership

This typically means that one business (usually a smaller business) makes a connection with another (possibly a larger ‘influencer’ company) that already has an established client base.

Each business provides services that complement those that the other already offers to its clients.

The key is to connect businesses that logically work together. The aim is to add value to both.

Lots of businesses already do this successfully:

  • A real estate company might join forces with a property stylist – and offer vendors the option of purchasing interior decoration and ‘staging’ services to attract more potential buyers. The property stylist advertises its connection with a reputable and successful real estate agency, and builds trust.
  • Hairdressers and manicurists often recommend one another’s services and sometimes offer packaged deals.
  • The wedding planning industry is an expert in the game – usually combining its in-house services with those offered by independent caterers, photographers, entertainers and endless others.

3 Ways To Build Business

For your business, consider a value-adding partnership. Here are 3 ideas to try:

1.  Be the ‘added value’ service for another business
  • What does your company do best?
  • How could your products or services add value to another business?
  • What would be the advantages for you?
  • How might you go about approaching that business?
2.  Add more value to your current offering
  • What added services might your clients appreciate?
  • How might they give you an added ‘point of difference’?
  • How might you partner with businesses that can provide extra value?
3. Talk to Those Comms People

We’ve been ‘adding value’ for years. 

As ‘message shapers’ we help businesses directly, but we also provide a value-adding service you can offer your clients, when you don’t have a dedicated professional writing team of your own. 

Here’s an example:

If you have a web-design company, you can offer our range of writing services as well as your technical expertise. It will definitely give you an edge over other providers; not many companies have professional, expert writers on board.

We can guide you through the process of building a value-adding relationship with another business. It’s a win-win. Ask us how.

And of course we’re available to help you with other aspects of your communications plan.

Creating current and high quality content is an absolute must, if you are to attract, engage and keep more readers.

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